Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jenkins family trip to Utah and back

We started the trip from San Diego about 5pm after Bret got home from work the drive to Las Vegas went well, well as good as it can go with two kids. Ali fell asleep a little before we got there and we had to wake her up. we arrived at 11 and Ali thought that the lobby was the coolest thing ever. Once we got to the room both kids were up Bret and I thought oh great she had her cat nap and now she is up. Well we got both the kids to bed at like 2am then Seth was up and he woke up Ali and then again Ali woke up Seth finely 4am they were sleeping tell 6am Ali was up. I don't know how she can go on such little sleep so I took Ali out of the room so Seth and Bret could sleep then we switched by 11am we were back on the road and Ali and Seth both had a nice long nap we almost made it all the way to the ranch while they slept.
The ranch was great cold but great. Ali had fun bonding with every dog she could get her hands on. From the sound of it she got close and personal with adobe. Kamille got some pic's of it with Ashley's camera. Sorry I don't have them. I will add more on later